Meet Finch

"Finch is a visionary who is very passionate about empowering our community. If you are tired of underachieving "Mr. Getcho A$$ Off da Fence" is the solution."
Mark Christopher Lawrence


Finch is on a mission to help men, women and businesses who have lost hope or reside in a state of uncertainty to get Off da Fence. Widely known as Mr. Getcho A$$ Off da Fenceâ, because he clears the fence so you can scale or climb over life’s hurdles regarding your mindset, relationships, finances, and life.

Finch believes, everyone has a purpose and the journey to discovering and fulfilling that purpose can be one that places people in a state of uncertainty but if they pinpoint their fear, mute their mind, attack their uncertainty, rehabilitate their confidence, recast their vision, design their direction and master their procrastination it will propel them into the purpose they were meant to achieve and the life they were destined to live.

He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as UNCF empowering college students to become active architects of their destiny, The National Urban League, Samaritan’s Feet, Best Buy, Wells Fargo, Auburn University, Microsoft, American Airlines and FedEx.

Utilizing his over 20yrs experience as a speaker and his charismatic, outgoing, fun loving, no-nonsense personality Finch has given unorthodox wisdom to audiences worldwide from Peru to Jerusalem and garnered him the moniker Your Imaginary Best Friend®.

He hosts the widely successful podcast Off da Fence with Finch, which was named to the Top 200 Podcast list by Apple Podcasts and can be heard globally on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora.

Meet the Brands

Finch Has Partnered With Various Brands To Empower Communities Across The World

Content Creator

Creator of sketches, docu-series, PSA’s, podcasts and network-ready shows through his Finch Rich Productions.


Your Imaginary Best Friend is a familiar face in media and an influencer of thousands across the globe with his weekly video podcast.


Known as a no-nonsense, forward thinker who engages audiences with his comedic relief, compassionate hope, and unorthodox brand of wisdom.

Voice Actor

Sound is more powerful than you realize…Feeling Is Everything. Finch’s voice can be heard on numerous commercials across the globe as well as animatedly

Meet the Press

Over the Years Finch Has Been Covered By Several Media Outlets Including

“Doing Nothing Changes Absolutely NothingBut Doing Something Changes Everything.”

“Just because it’s not what you expected it to beDoesn’t mean you’re not where you are supposed to be!”


Your Imaginary Best Friend®

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