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Your Imaginary Best Friend ®

Finch is on a mission to help men, women, and businesses Design, Diffuse, and Develop. Widely known as Mr. Getcho A$$ Off da Fence, because he clears the fence so you can scale or climb over life’s hurdles regarding your mindset, relationships, finances, and life.

Finch believes, everyone has a purpose, and the journey to discovering and fulfilling that purpose will be one filled with sporadic surprises that

Why Event Coordinators Love Booking Finch


Dynamic Speaker

Keeps audiences smiling and on the edge of their seat with inspiring and humorous anecdotes. Your audience will Laugh, Learn and Be Empowered!



Stays afterward to meet and mingle with audiences in person. Very personable and loves to hear life stories from participants.



Dubbed the “Crowd Pleaser” because of his ability to engage his audience in his presentations with exhilarating dialogue and comedy examples.


A Life-Changing Message

Finch mixes enthusiasm and comedic humor with empowering stories and triumphant treasures to deliver a very high content message that will surely “Empower Your Audience to Achieve Revolutionary Results).

Finch is very “Low Maintenance” but “High Impact” and his basic needs are as follows:

Do you want your event, conference, or luncheon to be a great success?

Additional Booking Notes:

Finch is very “Low Maintenance” but “High Impact” and his basic needs are as follows:

  •  A microphone – handheld or wireless
  •  A stage – clear of large tables and other obstacles
  •  An audience – all phones should be on vibrate
  •  Water – please have 2 glasses or bottles available within easy access of the stage

    Additional equipment may be required for customized workshops. View the requirements on the setlist. 

That’s it!

Finch Has Empowered For Decades

Making your future brighter.

Book Him To Empower Your Audience With A Life Changing Message.


“The BIGGEST obstacle you will face in life is hurdling over your mindset.”

why choose finch

To Emcee Your Next Event...


Ignites The Crowd

From the time he takes the stage until he leaves your crowd will be on fire and actively engaged in the event.


Master Imrpoviser

Finch is an improv master who knows how to fill time and space with comedic engagement and improvisation.


Commands The Stage

The stage is an empty canvas for Finch and he paints an illuminating masterpiece while entertaining your audience.


Builds Bridges Between Brands & Fans

Need a specific message communicated to your audience to bridge the gap between brand and consumer? Finch has the anecdote to sooth any audience.

Event Clients

Finch is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. He's always a beacon of light and a generous soul. Someone I am honored to know.
Rolonda Watts
TV Host


MO "FINCH" Stegall

Hey I’m Finch AKA Your Imaginary Best Friend and welcome to my Sound Cloud. Enjoy my Voiceover work like, share and follow and lets hang out a bit and enjoy the connection.

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