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5 Simple Tips For Creating A Successful Event

  1. Depending on the venue, having your own sound system is much better than the house system. You will get better sound quality. It is also a good idea to have several spare batteries for microphones.

  2. Make sure that the stage and the audience are well-lit. a dark room will put people to sleep. Proper lighting conveys energy and a positive mood. If your event will have more than 500 attending, jumbo projection screens will allow everyone to see the speaker.

  3. Make the room a comfortable temperature. If a room is too warm, people become drowsy. A cooler room is more conducive to learning. It is a good idea to have someone from the venue nearby adjust the temperature after the event begins. 1000 people create a lot of heat.

  4. Do not put too wide of a gap between the speaker and the audience. That tends to diminish the speaker’s ability to really connect with the audience. We suggest that you keep the distance within 4 to 7 feet.

  5. Standing room is better than empty chairs. It raises the energy level. It is best to have enough seats for your expected audience than to have rows of empty chairs. Think of it this way, you want people to walk away saying “the room was packed with standing room only”. That is much better than “attendance was low.”